Loïc Pierre

Composer, scenographer and producer, Loïc Pierre, founded Mikrokosmos Chamber Choir in 1989. Over the 25 past years, Loïc has continued to mix  choral art with various other disciplines, creating unlikely partnerships with art forms such as video, hip-hop dance and cinema.


Since its inception, Loïc has consolidated his "laboratory of enthusiasm", an experimental space in which the singers of Mikrokosmos sculpt new musical horizons in the company of the new generation of artistic pioneers.


Impassioned by company art, Loïc Pierre has collaborated with several innovators including the Italian artist Antonella Bussanich. In 2003, Mikrokosmos created Le livre de sable (The Sand Book), a collection of seven of Bussanich's videos put to music by Thierry Machuel. In 2008, Bussanich produced five video matrices for Le jardin perdu (The Lost Garden), a performance which brought together two hip-hop dancers, a trio of percussionists, a violin and a mixed choir.


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