The choir's musical escapades are nourished by partnerships with contemporary composers from aross the world including: Aaron Jay Kermis, Bren Michael Davids, Jukka Linkola, Philippe Hersant, Nicolas Bacri, Alain Labarsouque. Mikrokosmos's collaborative nature is reflected in its discography, notably including two works by French composer, Thierry Machuel.


Mikrokosmos has also recorded the music for a number of films: La planète blanche (The White Planet); Les rois maudits (The Cursed Kings); Brendan et le secret de Kjell (The Secret of Kells); and Océans (Oceans) for which the choir had the pleasure to work with Bruno Coulais.


Mikrokosmos' creations rely on a vibrant and enthusiastic group of musicians, giving rise to choral art in a state of constant renewal. In 2006, the choir created Ombres vives (Living Shadows), an original cine-concert in which the sound track is replaced by the young artists' spoken and singing voices. For this post-synchronisation, the singers take it in turns to dub the voices of the actors and create sound effects using 500 peculiar items. Over 40 films were chosen for this cinematographic voyage, an eclectic mix ranging from works by Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock to old burlesque advertisements and passing by extracts from Andréï's Tarkovski's masterpiece Andréï Roublev.

Now internationally acclaimed, Mikrokosmos has recorded 20 CDs distributed by Universal under the labels Jake, Naïve and Milan Music. The choir continues to perform refularly and has got to knox the acoustics some of the world's most prestigious concerts halls.


Determined to breathe fresh air into the French choral tradition, over the past 25 years, Mikrokosmos has developed a unique a cappella sound, nourished by its diverse artistic adventures. Delivered by a troop of 40 young singers, decorated with some 20 international prizes and much solicited by the world of cinema, the "choral laboratory" audaciously pushes the boundaries of choral art.


In its original creations, Mikrokosmos breaks down traditional barriers between disciplines, bringing together various collaborators to vreate partnerships never before seen in the artistic sphere. Blended with the likes of hip-hop dance and video, Mikrokosmos has reshaped contemporary choral art.


Choral creativity is at the heart of its identity and, since its inception, Mikrokosmos has collaborated with the latest generation of French composers: Pascal Zavaro (Songs of Innocence, a concerto for violin and choir), Philippe Hersant (Nostalgia, a piece for a mixed choir and violin accompanied by video installation), Thierry Machuel (Un Bestiaire de Noël, a mix of sacred and secular music), Zad Moultaka (La Montagne sans nom), Patrick Burgan (Soleils), Nicolas Bacri (Stabat Mater), Maurice Jarre (Beatidudines), Bruno Coulais (Stabat Mater), Bruno Régnier (Créatures, for 9 instrumentalists and 12 singers).

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